Position Summary

Job Number: 0066
Location: Troy, MI
Job Title: Welding Engineer
Job Summary:
This position is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of welding equipment in the dry cell assembly area of Nickel Metal Hydride battery development facility. This will include conceptualizing manufacturing processes and machinery, managing design and build of this equipment and assisting with prototype builds of batteries through the dry cell assembly area. This position will also work closely with the product design team to provide feedback on manufacturability issues.

- Development of engineering specifications for weld joints
- First point of contact for all equipment design/build scheduled for   the dry cell assembly area
- Develop capable welding processes and use varied welding   techniques in innovative ways. Processes will not be limited to   resistance welding and will include other methods such as laser.
- Design of experiments using Taguchi methods
- Capability studies and continuous improvement
- Maintain proper documentation for equipment builds and testing
- Conduct structured testing and buyoff for any assembly equipment
- Participate in regular status meetings for process and machinery   activities
- Direct installation and debug of prototype and volume production   equipment
- Help create an environment that supports the operator
- Help create and maintain a positive, safe and clean working   environment
- Ensure that equipment meets all applicable industrial standards
- Provide engineering support for manufacturing facility in
  Springboro, OH

Preferred Qualifications/Experience:
- Excellent mechanical aptitude
- Ability to read product and mechanical prints along with a strong   understanding of geometric tolerancing
- Previous experience with emphasis on welding thin materials (micro   welding), equipment design/build, battery experience or fuel cell   experience a plus
- Good oral, written and communication skills
- Proficient in MS Office software, CAD (Solidworks) skills preferred
- Laser application experience a plus

Masters Degree in Materials/Welding/Metallurgical Engineering or equivalent work experience.

Cobasys is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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