Position Summary

Job Number: 0074
Location: Troy, MI
Job Title: Software Engineer
Job Summary:
Development of application and customer interface software to support stationary solutions in response to our customer requirements for stationary applications

- Take on responsibility of code development for stationary battery   system projects. Work with a strong teamwork understanding in the   implementation of well-thought systems level solutions.
- Develop applications software to interface with the API developed   by the BMS group for Company's internal hardware.
- Develop software requirements in conjunction with the system   engineer for the implementation of required solutions to meet   customer requirements.
- Work closely with the Quality group to implement software quality   assurance procedures. Document all generated software as   required in support of our quality goals.
- Development of supporting software for interfacing our products   with outside resources such as laptops, building management   systems and third-party data acquisition systems. This includes   development of user interface software on PC or embedded PC   hardware for monitoring and controlling the embedded electronics   present in the stationary solution hardware.
- Determine software operating requirements and implement new   desired features and keep software maintenance on schedule.
- Ensure work is carried on in safe manner and systems are designed   with safety in mind.
- Ad hoc projects as assigned
Preferred Qualifications/Experience:
- Proficient in Microsoft Office software
- Strong analog circuit design background.
- Strong background in reliable electronic systems.
- Good communication skills both written and oral.

Bachelors degree or equivalent work experience.

Cobasys is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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