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One way to understand what we do and how Cobasys can provide the right solutions and products to solve your needs is to learn what we have done for others.

Chevron Selects COBASYS NiGUARD NiMH Battery Backup Power Supply System for Data Center in Bellaire, Texas

Chevron used an opportunity to explore alternate energy solutions at their Data Center in Bellaire, Texas (near Houston) because their lead-acid battery system was near end-of-life. Reclaiming valuable floor space, eliminating hazardous materials and increasing battery reliability and performance were among the reasons Chevron selected Cobasysí NiGUARD energy storage system. The NiGUARD advanced nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery system was installed to provide efficient 24/7 protection for Chevronís uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in support of IT equipment.

The decision to use Cobasys NiMH technology as a solution offered Chevron:

The Cobasys NiGUARD system allowed Chevron to recover valuable floor space which was required for the lead acid system.



Lead Acid (Flooded)

Footprint 51' (L) X 2.5' (D)

Weight 40,000 lbs.

Footprint 15.3' (L) X 2.6' (D)

Weight 10,700 lbs.










The layout of the Bellaire battery room now using the NiGUARD system (below) resulted in a substantial floor space savings of 65% vs. the previous lead acid system.

The Cobasys solution for the Bellaire UPS application consists of three NiGUARD battery strings, one for each UPS device. Each string is rated to support a 600kW load for a 15 minute run-time.

The NiGUARD battery system has advanced features which promote higher reliability and minimal maintenance costs. This system incorporates advanced battery monitoring and control electronics in each NiGUARD unit to assure maximum performance, life and protection. Each unit provides a visual system status by way of front panel indicators.

Minimal maintenance is a main feature and benefit of the NiGUARD battery system. Flooded lead-acid batteries require routine maintenance not required for NiGUARD systems. With their new NiGUARD system Chevron will no longer have to be concerned with:

Box Specifications

Max discharge current:
48 V
4 kWh
10kW/15 min

The NiGUARD system integrated seamlessly with Chevronís current UPS system. The UPS is supported by three strings of NiGUARD units. Each string consists of 56 individual NiGUARD boxes connected in series and parallel. This type of configuration provides redundant back up in each string raising the level of reliability. The series/parallel arrangement in one string can withstand the loss of several individual NiGUARD boxes and still support the load! The loss of one battery module in the conventional lead acid battery string meant the loss of an entire string.

Installing the NiGUARD system was done in far less time than traditional solutions. The process is as simple as placing cabinets on the floor, sliding each box into place and connecting the battery string to the UPS. Installation can be done in hours not days. No handling of hazardous materials or making many individual connections was required as when installing conventional batteries.

The Cobasys NiGUARD system provides Chevron with an advanced NiMH battery backup system using a superior alternative to lead acid batteries. Installing the NiGUARD system has:

Chevron now has a superior battery system based on advanced NiMH technology which insures an improved level of power protection and the capability to increase revenue generation and business returns on their real estate.

Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center, Muskegon, Michigan

Our rechargeable, expandable, large storage capacity NiGEN nickel metal hydride battery system was selected for Grand Valley State University's new futuristic 22,500 sq. ft. Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center (MAREC) located in Muskegon. The experimental energy producing and storage facility demonstrates several emerging technologies including fuel cell and photovoltaic (PV) products. The NiGEN battery system efficiently and affordably stores energy produced from the fuel cell and PV products. The stored energy can be used for direct power return to the grid. As a supplement, the NiGEN module unit helps MAREC curtail peak energy usage during peak demands.

In April, 2004, Dr. Imad Mahawili, executive director of the Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center (MAREC) said the building had reached its full energy production and storage capacity via the Cobasys NiGEN system, its natural gas fed fuel cell, and photovoltaic infrastructure. According to GVSU, "MAREC is a business incubator and research and development center for alternative and renewable energy technologies. It also serves as a major demonstration project of those technologies." This could not be more evident than its ability to provide peak shaving energy usage during heavy demands. MAREC's self-sufficient energy producing infrastructure in concert with the NiGEN module unit makes up for the high demand of power that would otherwise have been very costly.

Energy demand is lowest during the late night time period. That is an ideal time to store that energy into the Cobasys NiGEN battery system. The stored energy is ready on demand to provide energy at the lowest cost. Equally impressive, it can be configured and expanded as Grand Valley's needs grow. Moreover, compared to lead acid and other industrial batteries, for example, NiGEN's also weigh less, take up 1/3 less space, and will last years longer. Additionally, nickel metal hydride can operate under a variety of atmospheric conditions, can be recycled, and is environmentally benign. In this fashion, MAREC is able to live up to its environmentally friendly expectations.

MAREC is a showcase of tomorrow's energy producing and storage capabilities. Coupled with Cobasys, it shows how America's dependency on fossil fuels can be lessoned. For more information about how NiGEN can help your application, please contact Cobasys today! A battery systems expert is standing by at 248-620-5700.

Lakeshore Middle School, Grand Haven, Michigan

Teaching students about energy, ecology, and the energy economy at Lakeshore Middle School in Grand Haven, Michigan, is facilitated by an integrated solar/NiMH battery solution. In this classroom, UNI-SOLARģ photovoltaic (PV) products are integrated with a Cobasys' nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery system. This system provides a reliable independent power supply for the middle school science classroom.

The PV system is backed up by four Cobasys' advanced NiMH batteries, which store 5 kilowatt hours of energy. The batteries provide short-term "surge power" needed whenever the power usage in the room exceeds the PV's input power and for keeping the system functioning during a string of snowy winter days. This is an example of how practical distributed generation has become.

This system has been in use every school day for the past four years. It has never been short of power.

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