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Li-ion is the technology of choice for today's hybrid electric vehicles. Cobasys' patented Li-ion energy storage systems offer many advantages:

  • High energy
  • High power
  • Long life cycles
  • Reliability
  • Outstanding performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Small size and mass
  • Safe and environmentally friendly

As an energy storage solution company, Cobasys is capable of working with all chemistries.

Continuing to grow to meet demand, Cobasys has dedicated personnel and facilities in the United States to design, engineer, prototype, manufacture, assemble, and test energy systems.

Cobasys is focused on responding to customer's needs and problems, delivering the optimum energy storage solutions and results. Our company is quality driven and strives for total customer satisfaction for all our products and services and is guided by the quality principal... "Do It Right The First Time!"

Our Vision
To be recognized by our employees, customers, shareholders, partners and community as the world's most admired energy storage solutions company.

Our Goal
Achieving sustained profitability through total customer satisfaction by delivering products and services that offer value, reliability and quality.

Our Values
We empower our people by promoting an environment that fosters our core values of:
- Respect, Teamwork and Safety
- Environmental Stewardship
- Continuous Improvement and Learning
- Integrity and Trust
- Pride in Excellence
- Exceptional Innovation and Creativity

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