As smart homes, smartphones and smart wearable have recently grown to be more and more advanced, they are still powered limited. For a decade or so now, the battery industry has not been developing that much, and the future batteries should not be the ones seen today. Since this is the eve of power revolution, the big car and technology firms are working hard to replace the currently limited batteries which they use. They are well aware of the disadvantages which are contributed to by the use of such batteries and looking for a way of making the batteries to be more efficient is the way to go.

With the following batteries which are projected to be used in the future, the industry shall be revolutionized.

1. The Gold Nanowire Batteries

There has been a discovery of the nanowire batteries which are capable of withstanding lots of recharging, thanks to the great minds in the University of California. When this discovery comes to be implemented, the result will be an undying battery that lasts for eternity after it is charged. The nanowires are known to be over one thousand times thinner than the human air. As a result, they make it possible to be used in future batteries. However, during recharging, the wires are broken down.

2. The Grabat Graphene Batteries

Graphene batteries are singled out to be one of the most valuable batteries in the future. Grabat has developed graphene batteries which are destined to provide the electric cars with a driving range of over 500 miles on one charge. The company which is accelerating this development is called Graphenano.

According to this firm, a few minutes of charging makes the battery fully charged. Similarly, this battery is capable of charging and discharging thirty-three times faster as compared to the lithium-ion batteries. Following the ability to discharge, this battery discovery will be very vital for such machines as cars since they need large amounts of power for quick pull away.

3. Foam Batteries

Piento Company has a great belief that the future of batteries is 3D, and it has made strides by developing a copper form substrate-using battery. The batteries use non-flammable electrolytes hence making them safer to use.

Similarly, the batteries are durable and tend to be faster in their charging. Gain, form batteries are cheaper and have a higher density as compared to the ones which are currently used. These batteries are aimed to be used in smaller items such as wearable before they are employed in bigger machines.

4. Foldable Batteries Such as Jenax J.Flex Battery

The foldable battery which has been lately discovered is more like a paper but more robust than the paper itself. As projected by the developing technologists, this battery aims at making possible the functionality of the bendable gadgets since it can fold. This battery whose appearance is impressive is also waterproof making it ideal for integration in all wearable and clothing.

This battery is already established and testate for its safety of use. Similarly, it has undergone folding tests which have shown that it can comfortably be folded over 200,000 times without hindering its functionality and general performance.

5. uBeam Battery

This is an over the air charging battery. It utilizes the ultrasound for electricity transmission. In this battery, power is altered into sound waves, which makes it inaudible for both animals and human beings. The power is then transmitted before it is reconverted back to the original power form when it reaches the device.

The concept of uBeam has been attempted for over two decades by a graduate of astrobiology. This person by the name Perry Meredith began a firm that is projected to allow one to charge gadgets over the air. This charging will specifically be permitted by the use of a plate which is 5mm in thickness, which can be attached to the walls. It can also be decorated as art to laptops and other related gadgets such as smartphones. For the devices using this battery, there is a need for just a thin receiver to help in receiving the charge.

6. The Transparent Solar Charger

Mobile phone companies such as Alcatel are working day and night to device a mobile phone which has an open solar panel over their screens. This device will be made in such an away that it allows the users to charge their phones by merely placing it in the sun.

The Bottom Line

While the battery industry has lagged for a long time, scientists have woken up following the realization that the batteries which are currently used are not up to standards. They have therefore managed to push them to the next level of functionality by devising the batteries mentioned above to aid in charging, efficiency and even power retention.