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Cobasys Installs Back-up Power System at Automation Alley .

Orion, MI, August 29, 2006Cobasys, a leading supplier of advanced integrated energy storage solutions, announced today that it has completed the installation of its NiGUARD� backup power system at Automation Alley�s headquarters located in Troy, Michigan.

Cobasys� NiGUARD system will provide emergency back-up power for Automation Alley�s data center and lighting systems at their facility. During a utility power failure, the NiGUARD system will support Automation Alley�s key IT equipment for an extended period of time thus saving their valuable data. It will also maintain emergency lighting to keep their office functional during the power outage.

Cobasys� NiGUARD systems feature their advanced, proprietary Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) chemistry which offers a safe alternative to traditional bulky back-up storage batteries. NiGUARD systems provide lower cost of ownership, longer cycle life, a smaller footprint and reduce weight requirements by as much as 66%. Because the system at Automation Alley is modular, it can be expanded as their needs grow. The newly installed Cobasys system consists of two cabinets with six-48 volt NiGUARD boxes in parallel providing approximately 80 kW per cabinet.

Erik Hansen, General Manager-Sales stated, �Cobasys, is pleased to have been selected for the Automation Alley project. This further confirms the growing trend among businesses to protect their critical information and keep their company operational utilizing our NiGUARD systems.�

The modularity of the NiGUARD system allowed Automation Alley the ability of splitting the back-up power supply into two separate strings which were then adapted to their multi-zone drop locations. This gave Automation Alley the ability to utilize separate existing storage rooms and eliminate expensive electrical routing changes.

�As an institution that prides itself in showcasing the latest technology from Southeast Michigan companies, Automation Alley is pleased to feature the installation of this leading-edge energy storage system at our headquarters .� said Ken Rogers, Executive Director of Automation Alley. �Cobasys� NiGUARD modular emergency back-up system provides the added security and protection we need to ensure continued power to our vital electronic data.�

The Cobasys NiGUARD energy storage system with its advanced NiMH technology is the ideal choice for applications that require reliability in mission critical situations and demanding environments. Providing safe, environmentally responsible, low-maintenance solutions, NiGUARD is designed to supply emergency energy storage for usage in facilities such as data centers, hospitals, airports and office environments such as Automation Alley.

Cobasys designs and manufactures advanced energy storage system solutions which feature NiMH battery technology for transportation markets, including Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), Electric Vehicles (EV) and 36/42 Volt applications, in addition to Stationary Back-Up power supply systems for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Telecom and Distributed Generation markets.

Cobasys, is a joint venture between Chevron Technology Ventures LLC, a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) and Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENER).

For more information about Cobasys, contact Ray Wagner at 248-620-5700 or visit our website at

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