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Cobasys Installs Backup Power Systems
at Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Orion, MI, January 24, 2007–Cobasys, a leading supplier of advanced integrated energy storage solutions, announced that it has completed the installation of two (2)-NiGUARD® backup power systems in the Energy Management Center (EMC) building of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) in Sacramento, CA.

The NiGUARD battery systems feature Cobasys’ advanced, proprietary Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) chemistry which offers a safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional backup power batteries. During power failures or rolling blackouts, each system is capable of providing 80 kW of back up power for 15 minutes supporting SMUD’s energy management equipment and protecting their critical electronic data. The NiGUARD systems also provide integrated monitoring and low-maintenance resulting in a hassle-free solution for the SMUD facility team.

A major factor in SMUD’s decision to select the NiGUARD product was their desire to install a superior battery system that offered better reliability, higher value and the convenience of a fully-integrated system. With the NiGUARD system, SMUD now recognizes lower cost of ownership, longer life, a 66% space savings and reduced weight from their previous lead acid backup batteries.

“Cobasys is proud to have been selected by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District for this important project,” states Erik Hansen, General Manager-Sales. “Our NiGUARD product with its advanced NiMH technology is uniquely suited for SMUD’s application because of its inherent reliability and efficiency. Cobasys’ battery storage solutions continue to find traction in mission critical applications because we also offer space savings, temperature insensitivity and minimal maintenance.”

“SMUD represents a significant milestone for Cobasys because it is our first installation in California. Our ‘green’ battery backup system delivers the most consistent power source available in the market today. We look forward to working with SMUD on their future projects,” said Douglas Duncan, Account Manager – Stationary Power Sales.

The Cobasys NiGUARD energy storage system is the ideal choice for applications that require high reliability in mission critical situations or demanding environments. Providing safe, environmentally responsible solutions, NiGUARD is designed to supply seamless battery backup technology for usage in facilities such as data centers, hospitals, airports and office environments.

Cobasys designs and manufactures advanced energy storage system solutions which feature NiMH battery technology for transportation markets, including Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), Electric Vehicles (EV) and 36/42 Volt applications, in addition to Stationary Back-Up power supply systems for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Telecom and Distributed Generation markets.

Cobasys is a joint venture between Chevron Technology Ventures LLC, a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) and Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENER).

For more information about Cobasys, contact Ray Wagner at 248-620-5700 or visit our website at

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