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Cobasys Strengthens Hybrid Heavy-Duty Truck Activities with U.S. Army High-Tech Vehicles

Orion, MI, May 15 , 2007–-- Cobasys, a leading supplier of advanced integrated energy storage solutions, today announced it has supplied its NiMHax� Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery systems for integration into hybrid electric heavy trucks developed by Armor Holdings Inc. for the U.S. Army. The Military Utility Assessment (MUA) testing began in March by the soldiers in Ft. Lewis, Washington where the vehicles were placed in operational service to begin performing a variety of mission simulations.

Cobasys was chosen to supply a system to the Army�s Future Tactical Truck System (FTTS) based on one of their standard products, the NiMHax 336-70. The complete energy storage system, using four NiMHax 336-70 sub-packs, is capable of producing over 280kW and provides more than 11 kWh of energy. The FTTS heavy-duty hybrid program is part of the Army�s efforts to develop their next generation of tactical wheeled vehicles known as Maneuver Sustainment Vehicle (MSV). The military selected the NiMHax 336-280V system because Cobasys is the only North American manufacturer supplying �plug-and-play� NiMH battery systems for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) heavy-duty applications.

�Cobasys is proud to be supplying our NiMHax systems to the U.S. Army and being part of the team which is helping to provide the military with a tactical truck fleet of fuel-efficient, high-tech vehicles to face the challenges of today�s military missions,� stated Erik Hansen, General Manager of Sales for Cobasys.

About Cobasys

Cobasys designs, manufactures and integrates advanced energy storage systems solutions for transportation markets, including Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), Electric Vehicles (EV) and 36/42 Volt applications and stationary markets, including Back-Up power supply systems for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Telecom and Renewable Energy applications.

Cobasys is a joint venture between Chevron Technology Ventures LLC, a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) and Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENER).

For more information about Cobasys, contact Ray Wagner at 248-620-5700 or visit our website at

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