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Transportation Questionnaire

Please take a few moments to fill in the following questionnaire so that we can ensure that you receive detailed and accurate information.

* denotes required information

* Company Name
Address 1
Address 2
Web Page

Business Contact

* Name
Address 1
(if different)
Address 2
* Telephone Number
Fax Number
* Email

Technical Contact

Address 1
(if different)
Address 2
Telephone Number
Fax Number

Type of Application

* Electric vehicle    * Hybrid electric vehicle    * 42 Volt application    * Other   
* Please provide a description of your application:

Annual Quantity Required

* 1-5    * 6-20   
* 21-100    * 101-1,000    * 1,001+   

Commercial Questions

1. What is the time schedule for your project?
2. What volume per year does this project require?
3. What specific requirements would you like us to respond to
beyond meeting the technical specifications?
4. Do you have a specific life target?
5. Do you have a price target for the battery?
6. What additional information do you require?

Technical Questions

Battery Pack Specifications:
Number of Packs   1    #    2    # 
Length   mm    mm 
Width   mm    mm 
Height   mm    mm 
Weight Target   kg    kg 
Energy Target   kWh    kWh 
Power Peak(Continuous)   A    A 
Average A Draw   A    A 
Peak A Draw   A    A 
If available, also provide CAD drawings and duty cycle (power vs. time profile).

Battery Pack Voltage:
Nominal System Voltage    V
Maximum System Voltage    V
Minimum System Voltage    V
Minimum System Voltage for Full Power    V

Charger Specifications:
Maximum Charger Output Voltage    V
Maximum Charger Output Current    A
Maximum Charger Power Output    kW
Minimum Charger Voltage    V

Generator Specifications (HEV):
Maximum Generator Output Voltage    V
Maximum Generator Output Current    A
Maximum Generator Power Output    kW
Hybrid APU Description (type & fuel)   


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