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Battery Systems Development

Prototype Capabilities

  • Cobasys has in-house rapid prototyping capability to process ABS, Polycarbonate, and PPS materials for the creation of fast working models, which are applied in the development and testing of prototype systems.
  • We are capable of modeling custom-designed components at different stages of development and use these as models for tooling.

Electronics Capabilities

  • Cobasys develops all Battery Management System (BMS) software in-house.
  • We have full, in-house electronic control systems engineering and development capability.
  • Our Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools for schematic capture and PCB layout for electronic module development, reduce waste and time to market.


Testing Facility

  • Cobasys has multiple battery pack test stations, which include battery cyclers and environmental chambers (temperature and humidity) for complete testing and evaluation of battery systems.
  • Cobasys has full validation capabilities for all transportation and stationary battery system applications in addition to in-house design process validation.
  • We use advanced equipment system analysis, including:
    • Battery Cyclers: Bitrode pack and module (48 channels) cyclers, Aerovironment ABC-150 and AV-900 cyclers
    • Environmental Chambers: Thermotron 42 cubic
      feet and 600 cubic feet temperature
      and humidity chambers
  • Cobasys performs detailed analyses of software, hardware, and environmental requirements for each battery system application.
  • We are fully equipped to test battery systems before they are integrated into vehicles.

Prototype Assembly

  • Cobasys operates modular, fully equipped assembly lines for prototype, development, and low-volume projects.
  • We include integration of full quality audits throughout our prototype system assembly process to assure product integrity and compliance to strict operational standards.



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